Our deepest relationships — with parents, husbands and wives, children and others — can provide profound support in our lives. However, hidden dynamics within these relationships often produce obstacles that keep us from being able to feel the positive effects of that support. Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) is a powerful tool for bringing these hidden dynamics to light and removing the obstacles, leading to a greater flow of love, strength and support through all our relations.

SCW is an experiential process, working at a deeper level than conventional psychotherapy. Bert Hellinger, the founder of SCW, often describes working at the level of the soul. This means that the impact of this work can be both more immediate and more lasting than techniques which address the mind alone.

Just as all of us have parents, all of us are prone to having our relations with our ancestors clouded by hidden dynamics within our families. Similar patterns can appear in anywhere in our everyday relationships, even the workplace, and can distort our perceptions of the world around us. These systemic issues can even be seen at work in our own bodies, causing pain and illness that have no clear cause. To put it simply, SCW deals with issues of being human — thus there is no one who cannot benefit in some way from this work.